Monday, December 24, 2012

first snow

The first snow of winter. Made me feel like a little kid again.



week forty-eight of fifty-two

It started snowing today and I felt like a little kid again and it was all so magical.
This might be one of my favorite pictures I've taken all year.

I've been volunteering at The Manger all week. The Manger is a store set up through my friend's church. Families that can't afford to buy gifts for Christmas can come and buy gifts for everyone in the family at discounted prices. Christmas shouldn't have to break the bank. No one should have to choose between paying a water bill and buying their kids Christmas gifts. The whole experience is so humbling. It's my favorite part of Christmas.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

what do i want?

I want to be an exchange student. I want to go and live in Germany for a month or so and just be.
I want to make beautiful art. I want people to believe in me. I want to make a living doing this.
I want to travel the world.
I want to grow in my relationships. I want to understand people.
I want to continually be broken by God.
I want to be self confident.
I want to start journaling more.
I want people to be proud of me.
I want to love without fear.
I just want to be me.

the museum heist

art is theft
pablo picasso
week forty-two of fifty-two

I love it. Freezing rain, cold weather, high winds, a back ally, and two awkward teenagers pretending to have robbed a museum. A cop rolled by and just stared. It was priceless. Zoe is my greatest model. She takes an idea and runs with it. I can't wait to turn this in!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

HOBY 2012

week twenty of fifty-two

This picture means so much to me.

I had the amazing privilege of going to the HOBY Ohio South 2012 seminar. For those who don't know, HOBY (Hugh O' Brian Youth Foundation) is a four day seminar for sophomores. I and about 200+ other sophomores spent the weekend at the beautiful Denison University campus. I learned so much about myself as an individual and as a leader. I learned a lot about life. I feel so blessed to have been able to attend.

A bevy of pictures with and of the people in my group, Group E. These people became my family in four days. They inspire me and have encouraged me. I love them so, so much.